About Us

Green Clean “Autospa” a full-service professional Eco-friendly Waterless detailing company. Established in 2012 Green Clean initially served the D.C Metropolitan area with mobile auto detailing services. Since then Green Clean has graduated to operate as a full auto detailer in malls across the Washington. DC metropolitan Area. Whether you are a “do-it-yourself”, or “car enthusiast”, Green Clean Autospa has services and expertise that will suit all your car cleaning needs.

Even-though we don’t use much of it at all, WE LOVE WHAT WATER CAN DO. When the company was founded and formed by Sicander and Manuwa, they wanted to make more of an impact than just cleaning cars.Their love for giving back was then made DNA to Green Clean. They created a lifelong partnership with WaterisLife, a nonprofit organization to help forge water initiatives for families in developing parts of the world. The human body is made up of mostly water, so why should we waste it? Call Green Clean silly, but we just believe people need water more than cars do.

Our mission at Green Clean is to provide a paramount waterless car cleaning experience through our unique heightened level of customer courtesy, time efficient services, while educating the public on the importance of conserving water.

Green Clean is committed to being recognized as a leader in the car wash industry in the eyes of our customers, staff, and community. Green Clean is continuing to push the envelope and create alternatives to water based car washes. With the product and services offered by Green Clean we are here to revolutionize the car industry one wash at a time.