Can Green Clean waterless solution be used during winter months in colder climate?

Yes! Our service is the ideal solution for detailing in situations with colder weather. Our solutions are designed to be used in colder temperatures where using traditional water systems can leave the vehicle covered in frozen ice.Our Green Technicians work efficiently in any environment and offers a great way to keep your car looking great during the winter months.

Will Green Clean’s waterless solution work on dark colored vehicles?

Yes! Our product works great on black and dark colored vehicles. Black colored vehicles show more swirls and damage than any other color. Using our service ensures that your black colored vehicle looks as dark and rich as physically possible. Hyper efficient lubricating agents and gloss enhancers make sure that your vehicle stays swirl-free and looking great!

How Do You Wash Cars Without Water?

After years of research, testing and studies we bring to you the first Eco-based natural carnauba emulsion and combining it with hyper efficient lubricating agents and gloss enhancers. This waterless solution cleans, shines, polishes and protects paint better than water/soaps or anything other alternative. The high shine and deep warm color left after cleaning your vehicle is achieved from the perfect blend of natural Brazilian carnauba wax combined with a durable protective sealant. This is a true environmentally alternative to water. With this product it saves time, money, and over 400 million gallons of water that is wasted by the traditional car wash.

Is This Product Harmful To My Vehicle?

Absolutely Not. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee that our ecofriendly engineered product is absolutely safe to your vehicle. The way works is simple. Once the vehicle is sprayed onto your vehicle, it then encapsulates all the dirt, grime and harmful particles which is then wiped cleanly and efficiently away with our designed Microfiber towel. Our patent Green Clean technique is safe and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

How Do You Wash The Car?

It involves 3 Easy Steps. Step 1 – Spray Step 2 – Wipe Step 3 – Vacuum. Our process works like an assembly line which is the most efficient manner. With our patent Green Clean technique, this allows each one our our skilled trained Green Technicians to clean places that are not visible to the untrained. Our Green Technicians are trained to clean your car as if it were their own.

Can Green Clean’s waterless solution remove heavy dirt and mud?

Yes, our waterless alternative will work on vehicles with light dirt contamination as well as heavy mud and soil. It is engineered utilizing advanced hyper-surfactants that surround and capture even the heaviest dirt and contamination allowing them to be removed from the surface quickly and safely. Our waterless solution pulls and removes dirt off any vehicle leaving a brilliant shine with long lasting protection.

Should I wash my car before or after it rains?

You should wash your car when it is dirty, regardless if it is before or after it rains. While dirty, your car is withholding all types of harmful dirt particles, contaminants, road grime and once water is added to the mix you then have cement. Rain WILL NOT clean these particles.

What Is The Difference Between A Traditional Car Wash and a Green Clean?

For starters, there is NO WAITING IN LINE. When you arrive at our on-site location, you are greeted with unparalleled customer service seeking out your specific needs. We have designed a Complimentary Lounge for our customer to recharge both themselves and their electronic devices. In addition, YOU ARE NOT WASTING ANYTIME. With Green Clean, you will have the convenience of cleaning and/or detailing your car while you shop, dine, work or while visiting the movie theaters.

Are The Results The Same To A Traditional Car Wash?

No. In a traditional car wash the machine can easily miss prime locations of the vehicle. Because we take the time to wash each car by hand, we are able to reach spots that machine can’t. Plus our developed product leaves your car with a lasting shine that is noticeable even after rain.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and all major forms of credt cards.