Green Clean

$20 – $47

Exterior package and cleaning of windscreens, windowpanes, dashboards Middle console, door panels, cup holders, vacuum seats floor, and cleaning tires and rims.


$95 – $125

The Green Clean Plus, Your choice of our signature high-finish wax formulated with polymers to allow for layering and creates the deepest, wettest, glossiest shine on your vehicle. The wax has been specially engineered with polymers to extend the durability and increase resistance from harmful UV-rays, weather contaminants, and debris or Interior Detail – with Leather Treatment applied to seat and upholstery to protect and shield against elements or Shampoo.


$180 – $240

The Deluxe Plus, Full Exterior/Interior Detail including Wax and Interior Detail.

Additional Services

Headlight restoration

Plastic restoration for bumpers and moldings

Leather restoring

Sealing and moisturizing

Engine detailing”